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Medical Emergency Alarm
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Our Central Station is
standing by 24 hours
a day 7 days a week.

Live Independently and Securely with LifeSentry

LifeSentry is a 24 hour Alarm Monitoring System, which consists of a 2-Way Voice communicator unit and a lightweight waterproof personal pendant (help button). With the push of a button,the pendant will establish a live link between your home and our central monitoring station. Through this link our highly trained staff will be able to communicate directly with you, access medical records and if necessary contact medical authorities.

LifeSentry is an essential tool for anyone wanting to live independently and securely regardless of their age or medical past. Injury or a fall can restrict your personal freedom. Our Medical Emergency Alarm, with a long-range ability helps you to be in touch with us for any medical help, whenever you are in a critical situation.

The personal Emergency Pendant is waterproof and has an extended range, so you’re able to get help from virtually anywhere in your home. Elderly Pendants are designed to fit into your lifestyle, in such a way that it can give you the confidence of meeting your growing requirements independently! You can wear
around your neck or even on your belt.

- Water resistant pendant that you can take into the shower.