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Security alarms are amazingly old. In times of old, farmers found that their geese made enough noise to alert them to intruders. Not the most practical solution, a more modern burglar alarm was adopted during the 18th Century in the form of a bell or booby-trap for doors and windows.

Today, we use home security systems to protect much more than that. Home burglar alarms sound an alert and notify fire and police stations, ambulance services, and local governments that help is needed immediately.

A variety of home security systems ar available on the market today, and you can find an effective and affordable burglar alarm that meets your needs.

  • DSC
  • AlarmNet
  • LifeSentry
  • Fire-Lite
  • Keyscan
  • Hartmann Controls
  • Video, incl. WatchNet, Phillips, Panasonic, and More!
  • Sur-Gard / DVACS